It all started in 2004 when I wanted a piece to hang in my bathroom—something to replace a cheap generic 18" x 18" print. So I started creating something 'simple' on my computer and, before I knew it, i was deep in layer upon layer of 'Graphic Heaven'—the ideas spewing out of me—words, messages, visions... I had to stop and rethink where I was going with this. One thing I DID know was that this piece was never going to hang in my bathroom. In fact, it was no longer going to be on a small scale. Because of resolution issues, I had to start again—this time measuring 48" x 48". After finishing it I had it printed and mounted. When I got it back I felt it needed more so I applied acid free high gloss varnish and acrylic paint. The piece is called "Conqueror". It was installed at Centre Street Church from 2006 - 2010.

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Totally Legit Exhibition 2013


Photo shoot of Nasty Habit for the Truth & Reconciliation
Exhibition catalogue September 2013


Six E's Project
The Six E's 72" x 48" (6 - 24" x 24" panels)
Commisioned as a gift for CSC
Absence II 48" x 48"
My Soul Cries
24" x 48"


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